A medicine for lonely days

sexy_girl1.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0I recently broken up with my girlfriend and I am not planning to commit in a serious relationship for a long period, because this last engagement has eaten up five years of my life and for nothing. Now I am free to enjoy time on my own and do what I want and please, without having to give any explanations to anybody or to think that I am about to bother her with something. It is the time to enjoy myself and take life as it is. At least this is how I see things for myself, I want to live the present and worry less for the future.

A free man on the loose

My first days as a free man were quite confusing. I must admit that I got used to keep having someone right behind my back, to watch my every move. But I did not have scared, I knew I needed a bit of practice to get right back to where I was. I knew that I needed a guy’s night out to have fun and forget about all the things that clouded my past days. So I did how I was thinking, gathered all the freemen I knew and went on an outing. A night club was exactly what I was looking for, since it was a while since I haven’t went into places like this. My ex-girlfriend did not like them, I think she was way too serious for this life.

A friend of mine told me that I could find some local escorts in this night club. In the beginning it sounded strange to my ears. But after a few seconds I realized that I was on my own, the consequences of my actions will regard me and only me. So I thought why not, a local escort is all I need. Free of commitment and the duty of preparing the next morning’s coffee. The absence of the attached strings was music to my ears, so I asked my friend to take me to meet an escort.

No obligations and only freedom

I hate to say it, but having the possibility to be with a woman and care less the second day can be quite releasing in some cases. For the status that I was in the last thing I wanted was to start another relationship. A local escort can give me the chance to walk away after a few hours and not look back. And the best things is that if you want, you can come back in a while and she will always accept you. It is not the best scenario situation, but then rather hurt someone’s feeling I’d rather prefer to hire an escort for my entertainment. Payment of the services is the consequence of my choice. I know that this is a solution for this moments only, but for how long I could not tell. For now I will enjoy the free status of my person and see what the future has for me.

Entertainment is much closer than you thought

All amateurs of female escorts must know that they can enjoy this type of entertainment in their home town and there is no need for them to travel anywhere. I can tell you from my experience, since I have found local escorts in my hometown or in any town I went to visit. You just don’t have to be shy, get yourself interested by the matter and soon you will find someone to direct you to the right place. After all it is a business that is offering services, so it is in their benefit to have headquarters in every city, since customers will not travel around to find some escorts guadalajara, or if they are visiting a certain city they will be pleased to find some in their visit. At least this is my point of view and the existence of local escorts in every city proves that I am not wrong.

The business is spread in any corner

Every important town has its local escorts. No matter where you travel you will find escorts in every city. There are escorts in Mexico, escorts in Guadalajara and even escorts in Monterey. A major city is a hot spot for this type of business, which has developed for its own citizen and as well for the tourists of the area. I did not believe that everything is so well organized and spread out, until I have to travel to a number of cities and I found out there that if I wanted I could have the local escorts as my companions in every one of those cities.
It is amazing how many girls accept to do this as a living. In a way this is benefic for the business, since the clients enjoy when they have from where to choose, according to their own preferences. As long as there is this business, customers for it will always be found. In my incursion into this world I have met a great number of men that are usual customers of escorts. They prefer from time to time to ask for their services as a need for some diversity in their lives or when they want to show off at some party. No matter what is the reason, men will continue choosing the escort’s services, the main purpose being pure entertainment.

They are all around you

Just take a better look around and I am sure you will notice the local escorts as I told you. They are everywhere. You don’t need to go into a vacation to find them, only if you want to get out of town and to avoid being recognized. If you do not have issues of this kind, there sit comfortably as it is most certain that you will find escorts in your home town. This business is well developed and has spread almost everywhere. So if you feel like having some fun, you do not need to go too far, because the escorts are right there.

The ingredients for a men party

I and a couple of my friends wanted to throw the best party ever. I mean we were thinking to make it epic and worth to remember, that is if we did not go in a complete black out because of too much booze. First we needed to find the perfect location, somewhere further away from town where we can party until the morning, not risking of bothering anyone with our noise and music. Second we had to find a really skilled DJ to make the atmosphere at the party real great. A party without music is like a pool without water, that meaning completely boring. And in the third place we had to go shopping for drink, all kinds and in all combination, and of course in large quantities so we don’t risk any depletion.

The secret spice will make it nice

For this party we had in mind something different, something that will make our night even more special. And what could a bunch of guys think about then to have over some girls. To make the recipe a direct hit we decided to hire some of the local escorts. This way we know for sure that we won’t get no for an answer, or called rude and risk filling our pants with beer as a rejection. We found a local agency that had a website with pictures of the escorts, so we could pick out the ones that looked most appealing to us. With this kind of planning, the party will be absolutely awesome. I just hope that we won’t drink too much and fail to take care of the girls, because that will mean money spend too easily.

I always read on the internet and heard about parties with the local escorts, but I never had the chance to participate in one. Now I am going to have my own party with my own escorts and that sounds pretty good. For one evening we will be feeling like real celebrities and how much could we ever ask.

Making the final preparations

The spot we found was great, the DJ has brought some wicked audio system, so everything is being installed into place. The truck with the drink supplies has the address of the location. And the escorts have been negotiated with the agencies. The girls will be there at the requested hour. It is amazing how much planning one must do in order to have the perfect party. But I am sure that all our effort will be repaid by a great evening filled with fun and pretty women. This is the paradise in the dream of everyman, to be free to have endless fun, without any cares whatsoever. With all these preparation and the care that we will not miss a things, I am one hundred percent sure that this party will be great. Too bad you are not able to join, but do not worry, I will tell you all about it in the morning.